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Cloud Activity - Medical Representative Application

Cloud Activity

The future of Medical Representative in Pharmaceutical Industry

Cloud Activity - Marketing And Sales Force Module
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Cloud Activity is a very EASY, FAST and FLEXIBLE for Sales, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Real-Time Automation, Stock Management etc. inside your Organization Model. Medical Representative App is specially designed for Pharmaceutical Industry to manage all above inside one. Backend can be integrated to Enterprise Level Oracle Database or SAP or any existing Database Management System.

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Sales Distribution and Daily Activities Reports

Business Analytics
Innovative Reports generated for Growth.

Every Sales or Activity is track inside the Cloud Activity and their reports can be generated easily to help manager to decide future strategies. It also create a new way of approach in the business for growth of your company.

Business Intelligence
Reporting Never that Easy for Big Data.

Innovative presentation style to improve product selling and their knowledge of understanding. From traditional method of bringing brochures and presenting might not impress instead of doing animated presentation on Mobile Device would do ! It also helps to understand their focus of product presentation and which is more interested of which part of it.

Business Intelligence - Product Presentation Reports
Responsive Touch and Quick

Responsive Touch and Quick Immersive & Intuitive Experience.

We have engineered this product for less touch or tap or click tasks to do. It is very easy use and user friendly for MR.

Our mobile applications is optimized for battery and faster performance at peak level with recent upgrades.

Geographical Coverage
Report that Never Seen Before.

Innovative geographical coverage reports for MR sales and activity. Top management can focus on area to cover well in and look with very clear picture. Graphical Interface is designed that way it would perform better navigation and reporting, it is much more advance than traditional geo-mapping.

Sales Distribution and Daily Activities Reports
Daily Call Reporting

Daily Call Reporting (DCR)
Field Data on Finger Touch.

Anybody, who is aware of general computer applications and even those who are not computer literate, can easily fill their Daily Call Reports (DCR) in realtime, saving the cost involved in the courier services.

Manager can access data submitted by MR around the clock. Offers transparency for Management. It is a very cost effective and right solution serving a number of global and domestic clients.

Doctor Management/CRM
Advanced Tool to manage Doctors Details

This is one of the key feature for pharmaceutical marketing companies. Our application is based on International standards and experience of market it delivers value added services keeping quality technical products and services by accomplishing their high moral and ethical standards.

Doctor CRM Doctor CRM
Expense Management

Expense Management
Automatic Generation of Travel Expense

A device consisting of Global Positions System (GPS) module can track their tour plan or using location based control, automate this process into final comprehensive Monthly Expense reports easily and quickly. This also incorporated with their miscellaneous daily expense using special feature to capture/scan bill directly from device and send it through directly for approval of HQ. International travels are incorporated with currency exchange rates facility for correct currency conversion.

Sales Management

Medical Representatives are required to submit Monthly Sales and Stock Closing Reports to their headquarter and there might be primary and secondary sales according to Company uses. They can easily feed those data on the device and get their auto calculated & generated reports instantly without any mistakes. It is easily integrated with existing Invoicing/Billing software or fetch it to the Management for real-time ROI reports.

Sales Distribution and Daily Activities Reports
Responsive Touch and Quick

Samples/Gift Control
Distribution is as Easy as Counting

Pharmaceutical companies worry over proper distribution of their samples and gifts. As of this, they can issue and track samples and gifts easily towards Doctors and Retail Drug Stores. They can determine their availability reports and distribution charts. It provides overview of distribution in geographical manner to provide better understanding at a glance.

Product Order Management
Optimize ROI using Digital Information

This is one of the important bridge in-between Pharmaceutical Companies and Retail Drug Store as it keep all record of their visits and determined POB. It helps to avoid any order misplacement, transparent communication, easy, less time consuming and cost effective. This is very advantageous in terms of discount scheme, bonus or stock maintenance as you can provide round the clock after sales service.

Product Order Management
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