CloudSales/ Stock Management, Invoicing, Order Booking etc.

The next generation mobile sales force application built for your iPad/iPhone/Android/Windows Devices

CloudSales - Sales Force Module

CloudSales is a very QUICK, EASY and SYNC for Sales, Order Booking, Customer Relationship, Stock Management etc. inside your Organization Model. No more faxes, phone calls or emails to keep communication between the field and the main office. SalesPad comes with a web based backened application that can integrate with your accounting and ERP systems like Quickbooks, Peachtree, Oracle Database or SAP or any existing Database Management System.

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How does it work?
Take Orders & Print Invoices on the move and sync them all back to you ERP with a single tap!

Sales Pad is a cross-platform tablet based CRM solution for the Pharmaceutical industry. Sales Pad helps to close the loop between marketing activities and customer feedback by offering real-time data capture and customer responsiveness, thus enhancing the overall relationship with the customer.

Sales Reps that use Sales Pad can make a planned or informal visit to a doctor's office, instantly switch on their iPad or Android tablet and present product information to the doctor along with completing previously recorded tasks or capturing notes for the current visit, as well as drop off samples.

Sales Distribution and Invoice Generation Online And Offline Synchronisation

How we can help you with integration

SalesPad can be integrated with accountig systems such as MAS, Sage Pro, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Dynacom and any other ERP software application like Oracle & SAP with open database connectivity.

The information synchronized between SalesPad and the customer’s system are: customer information, products, orders and payments.

The synchronization can be configured to run at any specified time frequency.

CloudSales Integration - Design, Develop And Testing
Order Warehouse Invoicing Modules Product Presentation Module

Core Modules
Orders, Warehouse and Invoicing

Orders can be enterd and they can be electronically sent via the Cellular Phone-PDA device. When an order is entered; it automatically calculates special pricing for individual customers or special pricing on products. Credits given to customers for undelivered or damaged products can also be included in the order.

After an order has been entered a ticket for the warehouse is generated and ready to be printed. The information on the printed ticket only shows the product number and the quantity that was ordered; pricing and credit information are not shown.

After a warehouse ticket is fulfilled, an invoice is automatically created only charging the client for products that were in stock.

Finance Modules
Credit Memos, Payments, Specials and Products

Credit Memos
Some businesses require credits to be submitted in a credit memo and separate from an order.

Receive payments from clients and apply them to a single or multiple invoices. Additionally, it provides the option to apply available credits if it exists.

Specials can be created by products, by an individual company or by group of companies. The specials can be controlled (when the specials are in effect) by start and end dates.

Products can be tracked by an item code number, UPC code, product name, category or unit.

CloudSales Financial Modules CloudSales Products Category
CloudSales Reporting CloudSales Customers

Reporting Modules
Custom Pricing, Reports, Real-time reminders and Batch Printing

Custom Pricing
This feature allows you to individually provide different product pricing to companies.

A variety of reports are included: sales by customer, sales representatives, product, unpaid invoices, advanced custom contact reports and more.

Real-time Statistics & Reminders
Real-time statistics offer access to key performance metrics, supporting intelligent, timely business decisions. Real-time reminders assist employees with their daily to-do tasks.

Batch Printing
Is an utility that allows you to print all invoices at once.

Few taps & Finish

  • Optimizes field efficiency and effectiveness
  • Processes customer orders instantly
  • Reduces human errors during order taking
  • Less personnel required for order taking
  • Eliminates double entries in various systems
  • Control on offering custom pricing to customers
  • Monitor your sales team performance
  • Pre-fills orders for frequently ordered products
  • View customers past orders
  • Boosts field reps performance
  • Google maps for customer’s locations
  • Add Customer Notes, keep track of customers
  • Product Pictures Library
  • Product Catalogs
  • Product Inventory and Specials/Sales
  • Create Customer routes, solve fastest route
  • Access Company Docs, Product Info, Sales Info.
  • Use camera to read UPC barcodes (iPhone)
  • Print Invoices/Orders to a WiFi Mobile Printer
  • Capture GPS info when creating a new order
  • Email Customer the new order

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